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Malicious Thoughts

a random fandom icon community

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An icon/graphic community that features random fandoms.
Uhhh.. Hey there!

Welcome to my Icon/Graphic Community 8D! Malicious thoughts! I still have no idea what I'm doing 8D! You can basically say I'm a super newb at LJ because I think I get ahead and learn something and then out of nowhere another thing that I didn't know hits me square in the face like no tomorrow. You know...

Uhh.... I'll probably never be able to slide any of those interests in here...or on my main LJ so let's just say that I love video games, manga, some anime, t.v., summer, and music. Cover all the bases. I work at Gamestop Because I'm a super nerd and have to many games 8I. Like just today...(July 2nd) I bought myself the last two missing pieces of my .dot hack ps2 series. FINALLY FOUND THEM. Uhh...anyways. Nice to meet whoever reads this XD.
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